Physics 2211 w. Dr. Larosa

Hopefully this works as a place to talk about study groups and problems we're having in 2211

    Upcoming for week of Oct 12th


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    Upcoming for week of Oct 12th

    Post  Ryan on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:24 pm

    Nothing of real importance note here.

    Last Wednesday we were told at the end of class to read chapter 7 on Energy. However, when asked Dr. LaRosa stated that we would actually be covering chapter 6 on Circular and Miscellaneous Motions.

    I really have nothing to base it on, but I have a feeling that we're going to fly through chapter 6. It's a short chapter and some of what he hit on last Wed is covered in it.

    Also he distributed the Numerical Project. This is due 1 week before the last day of class. Which really means BEFORE Thanksgiving Break.

    After skimming through the book though, I think the chart on page 151, will help (a little) with this project. Mass, Radius, and cross-section area of a golf ball are all given.

    I am completely slammed, but I should have PDF copies of the project up on this site within a few days.

    Lastly don't forget that the lab this week will be on Energy. I guess this is Lab 5. Don't ever trust me though.

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