Physics 2211 w. Dr. Larosa

Hopefully this works as a place to talk about study groups and problems we're having in 2211

    Meeting Today 10/1/2009


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    Meeting Today 10/1/2009

    Post  Ryan on Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:52 pm

    Sorry for the late notice, but a couple of us are meeting on campus today to sit and work some problems.

    We're meeting at 5pm, and will probably be here at least an hour.

    If you're interested please let me know. I'm responsible for the room, and would rather keep the group to a reasonable number.

    Also, if you send me a message I'll respond with the location and my cell number. (the building we'll be in locks at 5:30 so if you're late we'll have to let you in)


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