Physics 2211 w. Dr. Larosa

Hopefully this works as a place to talk about study groups and problems we're having in 2211

    Possible Meetings (?)


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    Possible Meetings (?)

    Post  Ryan on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:38 am

    Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in a chapter review session led by me?

    Here’s what I’m thinking.....

    We can get a room on campus with a wipe board,and multimedia equipment

    I’ll open with a 10 or 20 minute review of the chapter (starting with chapter 3). VERY short, just a laymen’s overview of each section.

    We’ll finish by working problems as a group for the next 40 minutes or so.

    After that people would be free to leave, or stay and collaborate on other problems.

    I have the perfect room for us this Sunday or Monday, Sept 6th and 7th - Labor Day Weekend. (unless I score DraconCon tickets, then screw you guys. There are some excellent science talks both days)Very Happy It has a large conference table, wipe board, and projector. It even has a parking lot for all of us right out front.

    Any other day is going to be pretty tough. There are two rooms in the Social Science building that I can request, but I have no idea if I’ll get them or not.

    If you interested please leave a response. If you're only interested in working problems let me know that as well. Let's not waste time going over the chapters if no one wants it.


    I’m only gauging interest right now, scheduling this will be very tough for me (and everyone else), schedule wise.

    I have NEVER taken a Physics course before. EVER. If you already know what you’re doing, you’re probably ahead of me. All I offer is my perspective on the material in the book.

    This class seems like a bear. It’s probably going to take much more than just study groups to learn the material.

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